Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Is Santa Paws??

 DOH#2 keeps telling us that if we don't behave Santa Paws won't bring us Kissmas pawresents, so we wanted to take a look around the good ole internet and see who this Santa Paws is. From what we've overheard, he's a jolly old man in a big red and white fluffy suit that brings pawresents to only good little pups and puppettes. However we are inclined to not be so sure of liking this Santa Paws because he is also a thief! That's right...we said it...he's a thief! He breaks into your houses and eats up all the cookies!!! Nevermind that he leaves behind pawresents...HE EATS ALL THE COOKIES!! Now for us...this is a big issue...eating up all our cookies. Doesn't he realize that DOH#2 makes them especially for us? And to top it all off( as if the cookie eating wasn't enough)...he has these reindeer type creatures that he parks up on the roof...well out of chasing height! If this is how he's gonna be...we aren't so sure we want to be good! But then again...we do like pawresents and he does look like someone you'd want to snuggle with. Oh well, maybe we'll keep a look out for this Santa Paws and just maybe he won't eat all our cookies!


  1. But maybe if he eats all your cookies your dad will go out and buy you brand new ones! Then you'll get new cookies AND presents too. It's a win win situation!

  2. You know...we hadn't thought of it that way! Good idea!

  3. I met Santa when I was a puppy and he like to scared me to death for real. I think that is why you are supposed to stay safe in bed when he visits your estate. That dude is kind of creepy.


  4. Hello!!

    We came from Mango's bloggy!! We wanted to stop by and say hello!!

    We's been camped out waiting for 'da Santa Man all Decembers so far!! Snorts..

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man( me's a Mini Mastiff)

  5. Mango- I know right?? That beard kinda helps hide facial expressions and we aren't too keen on that.

    Izzy, Josie, Trixie, and Anakin Man-Thanks for stopping by!

    Bones and treats to you all,
    Bronson and Pepper