Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home again....thankfully!!

We have made it back in one piece from our Howliday trip and while we may not have had the best of times out there, DOH#1 got to spend time with his family and DOH#2 says that is what matters the most.

We had to suffer through riding in our crate the entire way out there...yuck!

Santa Paws did bring us lots of new pawresents to play YaY!

This is my favorite new Monkey toy...notice Little Sister trying to be sneaky with me!

Thankfully Little Sister got her own special toy to play with so she can leave my Monkey to me!

Little sister trying to help out one of our cousin's with opening her present

We both got new winter coats but only Little sister would model them for our DOHs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Howlidays from us to you!

Since we are leaving for vacation in the morning we just wanted to take a moment to say that we hope you all have a very Happy Howlidays! May your Christmas be blessed with all the magic and love of the season and may that blessing carry over into the New Year!
Bones and Treats for all!

Ways to get Pressies Early..Not recommended for all dogs!

1). Have your DOHs find a lump on one of your legs while playing with you

2.) Make sure your DOHs schedule an appointment to have it looked at because you just never know!

3.)Go to said appointment and be a really good pup for the vet type person...

4.) And this is most important....have said lump turn out to be fatty tissue(YAY)!

 5.)The DOHs are by this point so relieved they give you a pressie early...and dog does it taste sweet!
Num num...I earned this one for sure!
Shared with sister just because it wouldnt be right to chew in front of her

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How one pup found his way home...

So a long, long time ago before the DOHs knew anything about puppy mills and such, DOH#2 dragged DOH#1 into a pet store to "just look" at the puppies. Now seeing as DOH#2's birthday was  days away, she had planned on going to the animal shelter and picking up a pup there as a present to herself. Well as they are looking over the cute little balls of fluff in the pet store DOH#1 spots me. I was lying there sleeping...minding my own business, but somehow he became enamored of me. He dragged DOH#2 over to have a look at me and though she later rescinded this...she wasn't all that impressed. Still DOH#1 insisted on getting me out to play with and he went in search of a clerk to do just that. Well let me tell ya, anyone stuck in a  crate for as long as I was, becomes a live wire when finally freed! DOH#1 was already hooked, now to get at DOH#2...but how?! Well thankfully, the clerk came to my rescue on this see I was a price reduced in no one wanted me. I'd been there 6 months already and the next week I was scheduled to be put down if someone didn't buy me. Though looking back now, DOH#2 doesn't know if this was just some sales pitch, she couldn't let that happen to a perfectly good pup and so a little cash later and I was sprung to my furever home. I haven't looked back since and neither of my DOHs have ever had any regrets either. And that my dear pups and puppettes is how I...the great Bronson(yes, named after Charles Bronson...thanks to DOH#1) became one of the best things to ever happen to the DOHs!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow!! Yuck!

Well pups and puppettes we knew it had to happen sometime and it's happening now. That's's snowing! Now some of you may like this white, cold, wet stuff...but not us! No sir..not us! DOH#2 had to force us to walk this morning and believe you me, we weren't happy about it. So for those of you who do like it...tell why!
DOH#2 thought our paw prints looked so cute...we say try it sometime lady

That white, cold,wet stuff just keeps piling up...yuck!

DOH#2 tried to get sister to go out, but yeah that was not happening at all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Is Santa Paws??

 DOH#2 keeps telling us that if we don't behave Santa Paws won't bring us Kissmas pawresents, so we wanted to take a look around the good ole internet and see who this Santa Paws is. From what we've overheard, he's a jolly old man in a big red and white fluffy suit that brings pawresents to only good little pups and puppettes. However we are inclined to not be so sure of liking this Santa Paws because he is also a thief! That's right...we said it...he's a thief! He breaks into your houses and eats up all the cookies!!! Nevermind that he leaves behind pawresents...HE EATS ALL THE COOKIES!! Now for us...this is a big issue...eating up all our cookies. Doesn't he realize that DOH#2 makes them especially for us? And to top it all off( as if the cookie eating wasn't enough)...he has these reindeer type creatures that he parks up on the roof...well out of chasing height! If this is how he's gonna be...we aren't so sure we want to be good! But then again...we do like pawresents and he does look like someone you'd want to snuggle with. Oh well, maybe we'll keep a look out for this Santa Paws and just maybe he won't eat all our cookies!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's a trainer anyhow??

So our DOH talked to the trainer tonight and we've got our first session on the 9th of January! The DOH seems super excited about this, but we're still out to lunch on whether or not we're gonna like this. Does this mean we actually have to listen from now on? Oh dear...what are we gonna do??

The Howliday Hat...

So we've finally decided to check into the Internet(it's not just some big spider web after all) and start our own blog! Now as the howlidays are here, our DOH thought it would be fun to try and get new snapshots of us wearing the ever present Santa hat. Needless to say we did not feel the same way and she had to settle for some older howliday pictures of us where we were a little less enthusiastically wearing said hat(at least Bronson was...I wouldn't compromise my dignity even back then) Check out these two blogsMango and Dexter and Jack for some more hijink's with that silly old hat! On another topic, our DOH thinks she may have found a trainer to help work with us. I'm not sure exactly what a trainer is, but if it's chewable I'm sure we'll both like it! Hope you all have a pawtastic day!