Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's a trainer anyhow??

So our DOH talked to the trainer tonight and we've got our first session on the 9th of January! The DOH seems super excited about this, but we're still out to lunch on whether or not we're gonna like this. Does this mean we actually have to listen from now on? Oh dear...what are we gonna do??


  1. Training can be total funballs if you play your cards right. There are tons of noms available just for doing stuff that really isn't too hard at all. Remember to tell your DOH that you need to take baby steps. Even smaller than she might think.

    Like for example? I am continuing to work on my walkie manners for sure. But I didn't walkie at all for two years! Really! Then the DOH says, "hey, so we aren't ready to walk around the neighborhood, big deal, we should at least be able to walk on our own estate, right?" And I did walkies on my estate until I got that right. I even made the DOH jog around in circles. And now we can go on short walkies for real and everything.

    You just let Uncle Mango know if you want any tips, OK?


  2. I'll tell ya right now....I've been through several training experiences. NOT SO FUN. They actually make you (expect you) to listen.