Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ways to get Pressies Early..Not recommended for all dogs!

1). Have your DOHs find a lump on one of your legs while playing with you

2.) Make sure your DOHs schedule an appointment to have it looked at because you just never know!

3.)Go to said appointment and be a really good pup for the vet type person...

4.) And this is most important....have said lump turn out to be fatty tissue(YAY)!

 5.)The DOHs are by this point so relieved they give you a pressie early...and dog does it taste sweet!
Num num...I earned this one for sure!
Shared with sister just because it wouldnt be right to chew in front of her


  1. Cute pictures!!I hope everything works out at the vet!

  2. WooHoo fur fatty lumps!

    AND yummy chews!


  3. AWESOME planning, Bronson! You may have a future in politics!